Hi, I'm Ben Kochavy

I’ve always been the crazy idea person in the room. I’m the guy probably frankensteining (TM by yours truly) together 5 tools you probably haven’t heard of in order to do something they were never meant to do. (I build cool things doing this, I also hear about startups that probably launched yesterday)

I started my career as a social media consultant back when Facebook was an organic source of traffic. Remember those days? Since then I’ve become a growth practitioner working with startups to find and leverage untapped market opportunities.

These days I spend most of my time working, I love what I do, and its addicting. When I’m not working I try to enjoy time with friends and run a few experimental ventures on the side. I take on the occasional advisory client through my agency, Coldbru Digital.

In between all of this I’m trying to build this blog around my passions with the goal of practicing my writing, and growth skills. I think having a playground to mess with some of my crazier ideas at my own expense is critical. The learnings alone are probably worth all the headaches I cause myself dealing with the fallout.

Aside from scheming around growth & publishing the occasional article or newsletter, I enjoy traveling, reading & hitting the gym. 

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