This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers  — a nearly-always updated page of what I’m up to these days. Let’s get to it!

What I'm doing right now


I’m trying to get better about balancing work, fitness, my side projects, and having a semblance of a healthy social life.

Working on living a healthier life; starting sleep tracking and want to see if I can start waking up earlier without feeling horrible; drinking more water. Tracking my food intake. Starting a meditation practice (10 min, twice a day).

Thinking about regular blood tests, see if I can find trends in association with how I feel overall (going to have help with this).


I’ve decided I need to prioritize building an audience and am working on developing a writing habit to facilitate this. This blog is a part of that. Also going to start being active with my newsletter.

Contemplating starting a podcast using Anchor for an MVP (feel I should find a co-host first).

Building out my personal growth agency as a public brand (can’t hurt).

Looking into productizing growth, right now it feels too sporadic and unstructured even with the PIER (Priority, Importance, Ease, Result) ​Framework. I think there is untapped potential around scaling and optimizing a productized growth service. If I can find a way to productize some of the harder things around growth, there’s a lot of value there.

Once a month spending a weekend going through a online course to become better versed in a new digital field.

The other weekends want to set a goal of reading at least half a book of any sort to keep my idea engine strong.

Looking to start advisory/coaching relationships in the startup world. I think this will energize me while building a equity portfolio for the future.

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