The Tools I like

These are the tools I use for myself, my business, or my clients. I have used all of them and if they’re here I strongly recommend them.

ActiveCampaign  I have built high end courses, and some advanced funnels using just Activecampaign and WordPress. This is probably one of the best ESP’s on the market even though their email editor isn’t my favorite. Unmatched deliverability and automation in one package. Have been playing with their integration with FB custom audiences. They are what I use on this site and for most of my clients

ConvertKit I have been following Nathan Barry and the founding of ConvertKit from day one. I recommend them for some of my clients that don’t need the automation complexity of ActiveCampaign. Their funnel editor is second to none, their overall UX is 10x better then Activecampaign, they also released a free tier recently so if you’re just getting started, they’re a great all in one fit. 

Rejoiner If you are running an e-commerce store that is making decent money Rejoiner could probably be making you more money. Most people will default to using Klaviyo with E-commerce. I firmly believe that Rejoiner will make you more money if you switch to them. If you’re investing in scaling your business you should definitely take a look at their technology.

Kinsta I fell in love with this web host recently, award winning speed, support, and just amazing all around. Check out how they compare to WPEngine. I recommend them to all of my clients now and all of my personal sites run on their hosting!

Unbounce (20% off first 3 months) – It’s the most popular landing page builder among performance marketers and for good reason. I think Leadpages is too limiting, instapage too expensive and buggy. My good friend can’t stop raving about how they let you track external conversions with their pixel (A/B tests within Unbounce are much better tracked when you do this) I think Unbounce is the most robust and easy to use landing page tool of the many I’ve tried.

Astra I use this theme on my site. The right combination of simplicity, speed, and an amazing reading experience. 

ConvertFlow I use it for all of the opt-ins on this site and I think it’s one of the few tools in the space that has taken a new perspective to opt ins. Their retargeting funnel capability is genius (think Drip style automation but on site)

Samcart The easiest and most robust solution for conversion optimized checkout for info products. (it does one click upsells and downsells better than everyone else, if you’re not doing one click upsells and you have any sort of cart, stop reading this and go make some!)

Carthook (For Shopify) – One-click post purchase upsells is essentially free money with no down sides for e-commerce stores that have more then one SKU. Essentially this lets you add a very efficient checkout experience to shopify that shows the option to add items to your order after it has been checked out with 1 click. It works the same as all the gum and mints that sit by the register at your local pharmacy. It works there, and it definitely works here. 

Cartflow (For Woocommerce) – This is a relatively new player in the space but they give you very similar functionality to Carthook but for Woocommerce. If you are running Woocommerce (very common if you want to transact outside the US) Cartflow lets you add awesome one click post purchase experiences to you Woocommerce store. Again, I can’t say it enough, there is no reason for a store not to implement post purchase upsells if they have more then one SKU.

Elementor  The visual builder I use with a lot of my sites when I need it. A lot of good features. Still, haven’t found a comparably easy experience to build something without code on WordPress. 

Fomo (50% off first month) – If you are trying to make money from your site by having people transact in some way you can pretty easily increase the amount of conversions you get by adding the Fomo snippet and having it show other visitor’s activities on the site.

Podia I think this is the best tool on the market for running your own course, membership, or other info-product. Better and more usable compared to some of the bigger name incumbents like Teachable and Thinkific.

Bonsai The easiest agency/consultant focused invoicing, proposal, expensing, and all around finance and logistics management tool. I use it for all my clients.

RightMessage Personalization on site leveraging any and all data you have to give users a great experience on and off site. Brennan Dunn did a great job here.

Grammarly The single best tool for optimizing text as you write on the web. If you spend any time writing (emails, blogging, copy, etc) this is the proofreading tool you need. Best one I have found in many years of trying all of them.

Note: some of these links are affiliate links. This means I’ll get a small commission on the sale if you use them. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. You might also receive a discount because you used these links.

The small commission I make if you decide to buy something is not worth a bad recommendation. I know you were thinking about it 😉

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